Top 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Seychelles for 2024

Seychelles, an idyllic archipelago in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and incredible biodiversity. Each beach offers a unique blend of natural beauty and tranquil ambiance, making Seychelles a top destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers alike. In 2024, these ten beaches stand out as must-visit locations, each providing a distinct and unforgettable experience. Additionally, Seychelles offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, ensuring a comfortable stay for all travelers such as

 1. Anse Source d’Argent

Location: La Digue  

Highlights: Famous for its striking granite boulders, shallow clear waters, and stunning sunsets, Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.  

Activities: The calm waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming, while the scenic coastline invites beachcombing and leisurely strolls. The beach is part of the L’Union Estate, a plantation where visitors can also explore a colonial-era house and vanilla plantation.

2. Anse Lazio

Location: Praslin  

Highlights: Known for its powdery white sands, crystal-clear waters, and lush palm and takamaka trees, Anse Lazio is often cited among the world’s most beautiful beaches.  

Activities: The beach is ideal for snorkeling around the coral reefs, swimming in the tranquil waters, and sunbathing. There are also a few beachfront restaurants where visitors can enjoy fresh seafood while taking in the view.

3. Beau Vallon

Location: Mahé  

Highlights: This expansive beach boasts a long stretch of sand and calm, inviting waters, making it perfect for families. Beau Vallon is also known for its vibrant atmosphere, especially during weekends.  

Activities: Popular activities include jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. The beach is lined with hotels, restaurants, and local markets where visitors can enjoy Creole cuisine and buy handmade crafts.

4. Anse Intendance

Location: Mahé  

Highlights: Known for its large, powerful waves and scenic beauty, Anse Intendance offers a more secluded and rugged beach experience. The beach is fringed with palm trees and dense vegetation, providing a stunning natural backdrop.  

Activities: This beach is popular for surfing due to its strong waves. It’s also perfect for sunbathing and leisurely walks along the shore. The nearby Banyan Tree Resort offers luxury accommodation and dining.

5. Anse Georgette

Location: Praslin  

Highlights: Anse Georgette is a hidden gem with its pristine sands and vibrant turquoise waters. Access is exclusive, often requiring a reservation through the nearby Constance Lemuria Resort, ensuring a peaceful visit.  

Activities: Visitors can enjoy snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, swimming, and picnicking under the shade of the trees. The beach’s secluded nature makes it ideal for a tranquil escape.

6. Petite Anse

Location: Mahé  

Highlights: This crescent-shaped bay hosts luxury resorts and offers a serene and upscale beach experience. The beach is surrounded by lush hills, providing a picturesque setting.  

Activities: Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, Petite Anse also offers relaxation opportunities at the nearby Four Seasons Resort, which provides world-class amenities and stunning views.

7. Anse Cocos

Location: La Digue  

Highlights: This secluded beach is accessible via a scenic hiking trail from Grand Anse or Petite Anse, making it a hidden treasure. Anse Cocos features a natural swimming pool formed by rocks, offering calm waters for bathing.  

Activities: Ideal for hiking enthusiasts, swimming, and exploring the natural pools. The hike to Anse Cocos is rewarded with breathtaking views and a sense of seclusion.

8. Grand Anse

Location: La Digue  

Highlights: Known for its expansive sandy beach and powerful waves, Grand Anse offers breathtaking views and a sense of adventure. The dramatic coastline is perfect for photography.  

Activities: Popular activities include surfing, photography, and beach walks. Although the currents can be strong, the beach is great for sunbathing and enjoying the raw natural beauty.

9. Anse Volbert (Cote d’Or)

Location: Praslin  

Highlights: This family-friendly beach features calm, shallow waters and is conveniently located near various amenities, including hotels, restaurants, and shops.  

Activities: Ideal for swimming, water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding, and family activities. The beach’s proximity to amenities makes it a convenient and enjoyable destination for all ages.

10. Anse Takamaka

Location: Mahé  

Highlights: Featuring a picturesque setting with giant granite boulders and lush surroundings, Anse Takamaka is a visual delight. The beach is framed by tall palm trees and offers stunning sunset views.  

Activities: Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and beach picnics. The nearby Chez Batista restaurant offers delicious Creole cuisine and a laid-back atmosphere.

With its diverse range of beaches, Seychelles offers something for every beach lover. The year 2024 is a fantastic time to explore these natural gems, each providing unique beauty and experiences. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or stunning scenery, Seychelles’ beaches are sure to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the natural beauty of these must-visit beaches and create unforgettable memories in this island paradise.